Hurom Slow Juicer: Review

The Hurom HH 2nd Generation slow juicer has a revolutionary self feeding hopper, which means it chops and pushes down fruits and vegetables for you.  This luxury model is an investment, therefore we would recommend for true juice enthusiasts.

We heard lots of good things about Hurom slow juicers, especially the second generation version the HH model. Therefore, we thought we would have an in-depth look in to this popular juicer to see what it is all about.


  • It comes with an additional juicing basket for juicing of whole foods and smoothie making
  • Minimal wastage 
  • Energy efficient
  • Very quiet
  • Easy to clean with brushes
  • Magnetic juicing bowl to keep it secure


  • It is possible clog up when foods are fed in to it too quickly
  • Small feed chute



The Hurom HH 11 Slow Juicer is great. It is very versatile, as its powerful 43 RPM motor allows it to make fresh, tasty and very nutritious juice better than any other juicer we know of.

Design and Features

The Hurom slow juicer has been improved with the HH 11 model. It is a superb juicer with lots of features that sets it apart from many other juicers available on the market. Its Slow Squeezing technology, allows it to produce smooth and delicious juice on-demand. Its features worth noting are:

  • 43 RPM motor for efficient juice extraction
  • Slow Squeezing Technology
  • Dual winged augur design
  • Quad blade spinning brush
  • Pulp discharge control lever
  • Fine and coarse screens included
  • Easy to clean
  • Constructed from BPA free materials

When you buy the Hurom slow juicer, you get the following included:

  • 1 Juicer Base
  • 1 Juicing Bowl
  • 1 Spinning Brush
  • 1 Fine Juicing Screen
  • 1 Coarse Juicing Screen
  • 1 Dual Wing Augur
  • 1 Hopper/Lid
  • 2 Cleaning Brushes
  • 1 Pusher
  • 1 Drying Rack
  • 1 Hurom Recipe Book

Huron Slow Juicer Technology

Hurom are very innovative with their juicing technology, which stems from. Their patented Slow Squeezing Technology (SST), extracts higher levels of enzymes, nutrients and vitamins from your ingredients. The incredibly slow 43 RPM motor found in the HH 11 allows the juicer to remain cooler while it is in use. This reduces the effects of oxidation on ingredients as they are processed.

The slow operating speeds also give better juice yields since the augur and screen are given more contact time with ingredients. This makes the Huron HH 11 slow juicer one of the best around when it comes to juicing soft fruits. Additionally, the augur allows the HH 11 to juice ingredients just as fast as other vertical models, meaning juicing doesn’t become anymore time consuming. 

Using the Hurom Slow Juicer

The Hurom Slow Juicer is not just a juicer, as you can also make smoothies, baby food purees and blended fruits and vegetables. It uses state of the art technology making smoothies extra “smooth”.

Using and caring the Hurom  Slow Juicer is very simple. Metal scrubbers, clearing material other than mild detergents and scouring powders should be strictly avoided. The cleaning brush is provided which is so built that every nook and crevices can be clean thoroughly.

Have a look at the short video below to see how it works.

Are you going to buy a Hurom slow juicer? Please let us know your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

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