10 Gifts for the Bacon Lover

Most things can be improved with bacon. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can all be enhanced with thin slices of pig. Here are the best gifts for the bacon lover.

1. Cure your own Bacon

The big boys bacon box allows you to cure your own bacon. You can cure up to 2kgs of bacon at home, both smoked and unsmoked! This has to be one of the best gifts for the bacon lover.

2. The Bacon Book

Make your favourite carnivore’s mouth water with this selection of recipes. Flick through and discover ways of cooking bacon that will not only fill you up at breakfast, but provide you with delicious bacon based meals any time of the day

3. Bacon Relish

This bacon relish tasted great on toast. Maybe, you could pep up a bacon sandwich with it too? 

4. Bacon Apron

Surely this is one of the best gifts for the bacon lover. Wear your bacon apron with pride while frying up breakfast.

5. Bacon Soap

When you have finished handling your bacon in the kitchen, maintain the fragrance by washing your hands with bacon soap.

6. Bacon. Cheesecake

This eBook has ten recipes featuring bacon. How does a bacon cheesecake sound?

7. Bacon Toaster

Get perfectly cooked bacon every time with this bacon toaster. It is also a healthy way of cooking your favourite meat, while being easy to clean.

8. Masterpan

Cook a whole breakfast in one pan with the Masterpan. This will save lots of washing up and make your fry up much easier.

9. His n' Her's Bacon Mugs

Show the world you love the same things with these bacon and egg mugs. Ideal for your morning brew.

10. Bacon and Egg Muffin Maker

Make the perfect bacon and egg muffin at home for the perfect breakfast. This is actually great for making other sandwiches and burgers too.

What do you think about these bacon goodies? Please let us know your questions and thoughts in the comments section below.

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