Bitrem Edible Plates: Say goodbye to plastic plates

There is no hiding from the fact that plastic is a huge problem for the world right now. There are many ways we can cut down on single use plastics and we have found a new one! Biotrem biodegradable plates are an ingenious way to reduce plastic.

What Are Biotrem Biodegradable Plates?

These amazing products from Biotrem are made from natural wheat bran. The whole Bitrem tableware range has been invented by Mr Jerzy Wysocki (pictured right). He comes from a milling family that has been in the business for generations.

Biotrem now has a state of the art production facility. This produces a full range of biodegradable tableware and cutlery made from natural and edible wheat bran.


How does Biotrem Tableware Work?

Biotrem’s disposable products are made from wheat bran. This makes them excellent alternative to most disposable tableware. Other disposable tableware is made from paper or plastic, which is harmful to the environment, both during production and when disposed of

The Biotrem production process doesn’t need lots of water, mineral resources, or chemical compounds.

From 1 ton of pure, edible wheat bran Biotrem can produce up to 10,000 units of plates or bowls.

These products are fully biodegradable, meaning they are composted in just 30 days, or you can just eat them!

What can Biotrem Product be used for?

Biotrem’s disposable wheat bran tableware can be used for both hot and cold meals. It can even be safely used in classic ovens or microwave ovens.

The Biotrem products are robust and stable. This means you can comfortably and safely use them at home, on a picnic, in the bar, during the open-air even or in the restaurant.

Bitrem’s plates and bowls are made from clean edible wheat bran, you can safely bite them. They taste a bit like bran flakes, so don’t expect them to be a nice treat after dinner. However the advantages for the environment they can bring are great.

Do you think that these plate and bowls are a good alternative to plastic and paper versions? Let us know your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

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