Best Dishwasher to Buy: Plus buyer’s guide

Nobody likes washing up. It takes you away from finishing that bottle of wine in front of the TV after your meal. Therefore, you need some guidance on the best dishwasher to buy. We have put together a buyer’s guide and a list of the best dishwashers you can buy right now.

Recommended Dishwashers

Most Economical Dishwasher

Samsung DW60M9550FS

This very good looking dishwasher is one of the most economical dishwashers you can buy.

Best Selling Dishwasher

Bosch SMS24AW01G

A very easy to use and quiet dishwasher for the money. It has great build quality

A great dishwasher that has no frills, but it is easy to use and does what you need it to.

How to Choose a Dishwasher

Buying a dishwasher can be quite difficult. Walking in to a department store and seeing an ocean of white boxes can seem overwhelming. They all look the same at a glance so here are the things to look out for to help you find the best dishwasher to buy.

1. Budget

Budget should be your starting point for any kitchen appliance. It will help you narrow down which dishwasher to buy, by reducing your options. However, you don’t need to worry if you budget isn’t particularly high. You can find loads of dishwasher for under £500. If you are looking to spend £600 to £900, you are going to get a very good dishwasher. But, if you are able to spend £1,000 or more you are looking at a serious piece of kit.

2. Cleaning Power

You obviously want your dishwasher to be as powerful as possible to get rid of the burned cheese off your baking dish. Luckily, the performance of a dishwasher isn’t affected too much by its price. Unfortunately, because of this, it is quite difficult to predict a dishwasher’s cleaning performance by looking at its price. Therefore, it is a good job we are here to help!

3. Noise

This is where you will notice the benefit of paying a bit more. More expensive dishwashers are generally quieter than cheaper ones. Therefore, if you want a super quiet dishwasher, you will need to pay for a premium one.

Dishwashers have a sound rating, this is included in the specification on each manufacturers website. However, we have included them on our recommended machines. This is measured in dB (decibels). Here is an idea of what you can expect.

50dB – This is about the noise level of a quiet conversation. So, if you are sitting in the kitchen while the dishwasher is running, you will have to speak up a bit. This isn’t particularly loud and it is unlikely to wake anyone up and you probably wouldn’t hear in the next room. However, if you had an open plan kitchen, you would probably want to buy a quieter dishwasher.

40dB – A mid range dishwasher will produce about 40dB. This would be fine for households that like to gather in the kitchen. At this level, you will be able to hear it, but it shouldn’t bother you too much.

Lower than 40dB – If you want something whisper quiet, you need to spend around £800. At this level, you will be barely able to hear the dishwasher, even if you are standing next to it.

4. Speed and Programmes

You will find that most dishwashers you can buy have similar programmess, such as:

  • Normal – This is the default programme for most dishwashers. You usually use this for a full load of dishes with that hack the usual amount food waste on them.  This programme is what is used when the energy and sound levels are measured.
  • Express – This is used for a quick wash for dishes that are not too dirty.
  • Auto – The dishwasher uses its built in sensors to determine the time it runs for depending on how dirty the dishes are.

There are other programmes available on some dishwashers too, such as:

  • Heavy – You use this program for bigger dishes like pots and pans. You can also use it for normal dishes with stuck on or burned on food
  • China – This reduces water pressure for delicate dishes and wine glasses.
  • Rinse – A programme for a quick rinse
  • Eco – Uses less water and energy, but sometimes takes longer to finish a cycle

You will find that different manufacturers have different names for these programs, but the idea is the same. But, you need to look at these before buying your new dishwasher, to ensure that it will cover your needs. For example, if you have a lot of wine parties, you may want to use a “China” or “rinse” program a lot. If you use baking dishes a lot,m that get burned on food around the edges, you may want to buy a dishwasher with a “heavy” programme.

5. Type of Dishwasher

The standard width of most dishwashers are 24 inches (70cm). They are designed to be permanently fixed in place under your kitchen worktop and connected to the water supply . If you are looking ti buy a standard dishwasher, that is what should fit your kitchen (measure up first). Everything we mentioned above and what we are about to come to, fit into this type.

However, if you have a small kitchen, there are smaller dishwashers to buy. Compact dishwasher are 18-inches (45.72cm) wide, and are available from most manufacturers.

6. Style

The majority of dishwashers are white, black or stainless steel. You will probably need to spend another £100 on a stainless dishwasher, but you should find one at all price ranges these days.

You can find manufacturer specific finishes, if you want something a bit different to the standard colours.

The other things you may want to look at (as far as aesthetics go), is the style of handle. This will be scoop shaped, square or rounded. The controls will be either buttons, dials or a combination of both. Digital control buttons look less bulky and giving your dishwasher a more slick look.

You may want to consider what the digital display is telling you. Does it show you the time to completion the program it is on? Does it show the dishwasher’s options? Does it stay on as the dishwasher runs? This will be different from model to model, so check carefully.

7. Capacity

This is a big consideration when buying a dishwasher. This is despite the fact all standard dishwashers are the same size. If you can’t fit what you want in to it, it is pretty useless. Additionally, if you have large plates, you need to buy a dishwasher that they will fit in.

More expensive dishwashers have less space between tines. This is so you can fit more dishes in to them. Most of these higher end dishwashers have more jets, to help water reach into smaller spaces. If you have bigger dishes, higher-end dishwashers usually offset the smaller spaces with foldable tines so you can still fit your pots and pans.

You will find a dishwasher’s capacity on its manufacturer’s website. It is stated in terms of the number of place settings it can fit. Most full-size dishwashers hold between 12 and 16 place settings.

8. Drying

The drying performance of a dishwasher isn’t selected in its price. This isn’t something you will be able to determine by yourself, but if it is something that is important to you, check if it has options for extra drying. Our reviews will be able to help you though before you buy.

8. Options

The options you can add to a dishwasher program vary wildly from dishwasher to dishwasher. Examples of options are extra drying and some dishwashers let you just wash the top or bottom rack. You will also see dishwashers have the ability to clean dishes with or allow you to adjust the temperature of the rinse water.

Look at dishwasher’s options  to see which ones fits your needs You will tend to get more options at higher prices. You can even get dishwashers that connect to an app on your phone. With this, you will be able to see the progress of your wash…..I’m sure someone would find that useful.

9. Tub

The tub is the inside of the dishwasher. You will find, that cheaper dishwashers have plastic tubs. More expensive dishwashers have stainless steel tubs. The material of the tub is a different characteristic than the finish. It is possible to have a stainless steel exterior on a dishwasher with a plastic tub. Stainless tubs are a little more durable and energy efficient, but the tub material won’t affect cleaning performance.

10. Efficiency

The efficiency of a dishwasher is shown on manufacturer’s websites and on the label on the front. This displays its estimated energy use and annual cost.

11. Filter Type

You need do a little maintenance on modern dishwashers, this is to ensure that they are running quieter and don’t get blocked with food. This is very easy to do and only takes a couple of minutes.

The reason some old fashioned dishwashers were as loud as disposals is because they actually had a food disposer built in. You can still find models with these automatic food grinders, but they’re rare. 

Almost all high-end models use a mesh filter. Even dishwashers with automatic filters aren’t as loud as they used to be, but if you want a super-quiet machine, you’ll need to occasionally rinse off the mesh filter.

How to Choose the Best Dishwasher to Buy

Now that you have an idea of what to look for when buying a dishwasher. With this information, you won’t have to compromise if you’re shopping for a premium machine. Look for one with the features we have mentioned that take your fancy. If you are looking at a midrange dishwasher, pick one with a couple of the options that you like the look of. If you are going for a budget dishwasher, you will still find a machine that will get your dishes nice and clean without you having to put on the rubber gloves. You might even find one with a nice mix of programs to suit different occasions.

To recap, you need to:

  1. Choose a price range
  2. Choose the type of look you want to go with your kitchen
  3. Choose some features you like the look of
  4. Choose options that appeal to you

Below you can read our reviews of our recommended dishwashers to buy.

Recommended Dishwashers

Most Economical Dishwasher

Samsung DW60M9550FS

This very good looking dishwasher is one of the most economical dishwashers you can buy.

Best Selling Dishwasher

Bosch SMS24AW01G

A very easy to use and quiet dishwasher for the money. It has great build quality

Best Budget Dishwasher

Indesit DFG15B1

A great dishwasher that has no frills, but it is easy to use and does what you need it to.

Best Selling Dishwasher

Bosch SMS24AW01G Review


  • Quiet
  • Great build quality
  • Good range of programs
  • Cleans well


  • Doesn’t tell you how long is left in a cycle
  • Long knives don’t fit without additional rack



If you want to buy a budget dishwasher, but don’t want to sacrifice cleaning power, you can’t go wrong with the Bosch SMS24AW01G. This dishwasher has loads of tech crammed in to it to ensure a great standard of wash while saving energy and water. It is also pretty quiet, so it will not disturb you while you are watching Game of Thrones.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: H84.5 x W60 x D60 cm
  • Electrical cord length: 175 cm
  • Outlet hose length: 190 cm
  • Inlet hose length: 140 cm
  • Capacity: 12 Place settings
  • Programmes: 4
  • Energy rating: A+
  • Normal – 65° – 130 mins
  • Eco – 50°C – 210 mins
  • Quick Wash – 45°C – 29 mins
  • Pre-rinse – 0°C – 15 mins
  • Special options: VarioSpeed
  • 3/6/9 Hour timer delay enables you to select a programme and start time to wash when best suits you
  • Height adjustable top basket, ideal when fitting bulky items below
  • 2 Foldable plate racks in the bottom basket and 2 foldable cup racks in the top basket
  • ActiveWater technology – saves water and energy whilst delivering efficient cleaning
  • Load sensor – detects weight and saves water when fewer dishes are loaded
  • Residual heat drying system
  • Dosage assist detergent dispenser ensures just the right amount is used
  • Automatic detergent detection, knows what type of detergent you’re using
  • EcoSilence Drive TM, powerful cleaning but quieter
  • Costs £39 per year to run on the assumption it is ran 5 times per week
  • Noise level: 50dB
  • Water consumption: 11.7L
  • Energy consumption: 1.02 kWh
  • Leak protection system
  • LED salt and rinse aid indicator
  • Self-cleaning filter system with 3 piece corrugated filter
  • A rated performance in washing and drying
  • Freestanding built-under design
  • Connection rating: 2400 W
  • Current: 13 A
Fit TypeFreestanding
Place Settings12
Warranty2 years
Salt Indicator Light
Rinse Aid Indicator Light
Upper Basket Adjustable
Cutlery Basket
Cutlery Tray
Smart (Wifi Connected)
Drying MethodResidual heat drying
Number of Programmes4
List of programmesEconomy, Normal, Pre-Rinse, Quick wash
Maximum Wash Temperature (°Celsius)65
Minimum Wash Temperature (°Celsius)45
Noise Level (Decibels)50dB
Energy efficiency ratingA+
Energy Consumption (Kilowatt Hour – Per Cycle)1.02kWh
Energy Consumption (Kilowatt Hour – Per Annum)290kWh
Water Consumption (Litres – Per Cycle)11.7L
Water Consumption (Litres – Per Annum)3300L
Washing Performance RatingA
Drying performance ratingA
Own furniture door required
Adjustable feet
Adjustable plinth
Voltage (Volts)220-240V
Frequency (Hertz)60Hz
Power Fuse (Amps)13A
Water SupplyCold Fill Only
Approval certificatesCE, VDE
Box Of ContentsDishwasher, water supply hose, drainage pipe, user manual
Dimensions & Weight
Weight (Kilograms)43kg
Boxed Dimensions
Boxed Height871mm
Boxed Width623mm
Boxed Depth648mm


The Bosch SMS24AW01G Dishwasher has a few things that stand out to us:

  • Its active water technology is a feature that saves water  and energy while operating. It also ensures that its performance is not compromised while being efficient
  • Its timer delay function lets you select a program and start time. This is useful for those that are on an energy tariff, so you can set it off automatically when the electricity is cheaper
  • Height adjustable top basket makes it easier to fit bulky cookware below
  • Its built in load sensor detects when fewer dishes are loaded. This uses less water when appropriate
  • Automatically regulates the degree of water hardness to protect glassware
  • The quick wash program washes your dishes just 29 minutes
  • Very quiet and guarantees low energy consumption
  • Costs just £39 per year to run

The Bosch SMS24AW01G accommodates 12 place settings providing plenty of washing capacity after a family meal. This includes a few large pots and pans, due to its height adjustable top basket.

The internal sensors detect the weight of the load. This is so it knows how much water to use according to the size of the load. It has four programmes to choose from, but you can add programmes, such ass VarioSpeed. The Bosch SMS24AW01G regulates the hardness of the water, as soft water can cause glass corrosion.

This clever dishwasher adjusts the amount of detergent it uses, this is so nothing goes to waste. The ActiveWater technology, gives your dishes an efficient clean whilst saving energy and water. This feature uses targeted water distribution, optimised filter technology, faster heating and higher pump performance for increased water circulation, ensuring everything is washed thoroughly.

Most Economical

Samsung DW60M9550FS


  • Fantastic cleaning
  • Great drying performance
  • Easy to use
  • Very economical
  • Great build quality


  • A bit noisier than other dishwashers in this price range



The Samsung DW60M9550FS is an outstanding dishwasher. It is a quite expensive, but there are lots of good reasons for that. These reasons are why it comes strongly recommended by us.

  • Dimensions: H84.5 x W60 x D60 cm
  • Capacity: 14 Place settings
  • Programmes: 6
  • Energy rating: A+++
  • Auto
  • ECO
  • Intensive
  • Delicate
  • Quick washes
  • Self-clean programme
  • 24 hour timer delay
  • Basket handle 
  • Cutlery tray
  • Childproof lock
  • Touch control
  • Adjustable tines to hold plates
  • Residual heat drying system
  • Dosage assist detergent dispenser ensures just the right amount is used
  • Automatic detergent detection, knows what type of detergent you’re using
  • EcoSilence Drive TM, powerful cleaning but quieter
  • Costs £36.50 per year to run
  • Noise level: 42dB
  • Water consumption: 9.7L
  • Energy consumption: 0.833 kWh
  • Leak protection system
  • Self-cleaning filter system
  • A+++ rated performance in washing and drying
  • Freestanding built-under design
  • Connection rating: 2000-2300 W
  • Current: 13 A
Dimensions(H)84.5 x (W)59.8 x (D)60.0
CategoryStandard Dishwashers
Dimensions With Packaging(H)88.2 x (W)67 x (D)66 cm
Dishwasher TypeFull Size
Weight With Packaging57 Kg

Auto 3 in 1 Detection 

Drying Method Turbo Fan
Product Overview 
Childproof LockYes
Control Type Touch Control
Cutlery Tray Yes
Manufacturer Warranty5 Year
Manufacturer Warranty Domestic Use OnlyYes
Energy Rating A+++
Time Saver Function Yes
Weight53 Kg
Noise Level 42 dB
Drying Performance A Rated
Number of Place Settings 14 Place Setting
Adjustable Plate Spikes (Lower Basket) Yes
Audible End of Programme Yes
Cutlery Basket No
Delay Timer Yes
Delay Timer Length 24 Hours
Half Load / Zone Wash Option Yes
Height Adjustable Top Basket Yes
Requires Own Furniture Door No
Time to End of Programme Yes
Display Type LED
Standard Programmes 
Intensive Cycle Yes
Number of Wash Programmes7
Economy Wash Yes
Number of Wash Temperatures 7
Glass Care / Delicate Programme Yes
Pre Rinse Yes
Quick Wash Yes
Quick Wash Time 37 Minutes
Unique Features 
Anti Flood Devices Yes
Rinse Aid Indicator Yes
Salt Level Indicator Yes


The Samsung DW60H9970FS is a premium dishwasher that looks great and has some really clever features. Its WaterWall technology replaces the traditional rotating spray arm. Instead, it uses a full-width spray bar that moves front-to-back creating a wall of water. Its High pressure jets squirt right to the edges of the compartment, which gives you pristine cleaning, even if you over stack it.

The build quality finish is fantastic inside and out. The outside has a very nice looking semi-gloss stainless steel finish. It has concealed progress and time indicators, giving this dishwasher a very smooth look. The inside has cool and vivid blue LED lighting. The list of features and technologies is pretty extensive, but you should expect that for this asking price. But, you get what you pay for and this is a fantastic dishwasher.


Using the Samsung DW60H9970FS

When you use the Samsung DW60H9970FS, you will quickly see that it has been well thought out. It has a dedicated pull-out cutlery tray at the top of it made from flexible rubber. This makes it easier to load and unload once you get used to how it goes in and out.

Both of the drawers glide smoothly even when it is heavily loaded. The top on can be raised to give more room for plates in the bottom.

It is possible to bolster the WaterWall technology with the ability to increase water pressure to one side of the lower tray or the other. You may find this useful for baked on food. Just stack those dishes on the right hand side and less dirty ones on the left. You can also use the half load programme and optimise it to work best in the upper half or lower half of the machine.

The Samsung DW60H9970FS is controlled with stylish, stainless steel touch buttons on the top edge of the door. These buttons make the machine easy to control and are very intuitive. You can see the estimated cycle time, displayed in blue on the top of the door. The cool blue subtly shines through the stainless steel on the secondary display on the front too, which is a nice touch.

Samsung DW60H9970FS Dishwasher Programmes

This dishwasher has six programmes with some manual add-ons. This may not seem many, but they are more than sufficient. The programmes are:

  • Auto
  • ECO
  • Intensive
  • Delicate
  • Quick washes
  • Self-clean

There are some really useful options, including:

  • Left/Right zone boost
  • Upper or lower
  • Half load
  • Sanitize programme that washes at 70 degrees C to reduce bacteria.

This dishwasher also has an extra-dry function. This makes sure that everything you put in it is bone dry. The speed booster mode and a delay start of up to 24hours, allow you to get your washing up done when you want it, or take advantage of cheaper electricity rates.

Eco Credentials

We chose the Samsung DW60H9970FS as our economical choice, due to its A++ energy rating.  It is a very cost effective 14-place setting dishwasher.

Best Budget Dishwasher

Indesit DFG15B1


  • Easy to use
  • Efficient
  • Adjustable top basket
  • Ver good price


  • Not great for large pots and pans
  • Doesn’t dry particularly well



An easy to use, basic dishwasher. It is very good at what it does, efficient and cheap to buy.

  • Dimensions: H850 x W600 x D590 mm
  • Capacity: 13 Place settings
  • Programmes: 5
  • Energy rating: A+
  • Eco
  • Intensive
  • Normal
  • Pre-wash
  • Rapid 40
TypeFull-size freestanding dishwasher
Manufacturer’s guarantee1 year
Number of programs5
Number of wash temperatures3
Programs– Eco
– Intensive
– Normal
– Pre-wash
– Rapid 40
Quick wash time40 minutes
Time remaining indicatorNo
Delay timerNo
Cutlery basket / cutlery trayYes
Adjustable water softenerYes
Adjustable rackingYes
Overflow protectionYes
Digital displayNo
Rinse aid indicatorYes
Salt indicatorYes
Wash efficiency ratingA
Energy efficiency ratingA+
Place settings13
Annual energy consumption295 kWh
Annual water consumption3080 litres
Energy consumption per cycle1.04 kWh
Water consumption per cycle11 litres
Drying efficiency ratingA
Noise level49 dB(A)
Power consumption in off-mode0.5 kWh
Power consumption in standby5 kWh
Standby duration10 minutes
Dimensions850 x 600 x 590 mm (H x W x D)
Boxed dimensions910 x 650 x 675 mm (H x W x D)
Weight47 kg
Boxed weight49.71 kg


The Indesit DFG15B1 is an easy to use, eco-friendly dishwasher. It can wash up to 13 place settings and is a very good price This full-sized machine keeps it simple with no fancy LCD panels or programmes in favour of getting the basics right.

It does a good job of washing and drying. It has solid-feeling knobs and buttons, controlling 5 programmes. Internal layout isn’t great for pots and pans, and wash performance is fairly basic, but you can’t argue with the simplicity or the great value.

Using The Indesit DFG15B1 Dishwasher

The Indesit DFG15B1 is very simple to use. It is controlled with one big central knob, which you use for selecting one of five programmes. The symbols for each programme are bold and very easy to see. It also has buttons for on/off, a delay start, and the MyTime function. This is a nice feature that shortens the wash duration.

The door is nothing surprising, and simply opens with a traditional pull of the handle. The door holds the detergent and rinse aid containers too. The detergent container will accept tablets or powder, while the rinse aid cover pops open to reveal a small opening. The inside of the dishwasher is all stainless steel.

The two baskets pull out easily enough, but not as smooth as a more expensive dishwasher. You can adjust the height of the top basket. Raising or lowering it a few centimetres tilts it slightly so you can get more in the bottom. There’s plenty of room in this basket when set at its lower position, to get cups on top of the wine glass rack on the left side.

The long, central row of the top basket is meant for plates. However, it is better for cups, mug and saucers, thanks to its fixed tines. Higher-spec dishwashers would have drop-down tines. This is a budget dishwasher, so you can’t expect to have everything.

The lower basket is lined with plate rack pins, tilting out towards either side from the centre. These make stacking pots and pans a bit awkward. You will find it easier to stack pans with straight sides on one side or the other. However, if you are only washing plates, you won’t have a problem.

A great advantage this dishwasher has is, the cutlery basket has two slots. This means it can sit over the plate rack pins anywhere in the machine. This allows you a bit more freedom when trying to get those last few bits in to the machine before a wash.

While we are the subject of washing, it does a pretty good job of getting rid if stubborn burned on food. It also dries reasonably well, but don’t expect your dishes to be bone dry straight away.

All in all, this is a great dishwasher for the price you pay. It is easy to use and performs well.


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