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About this website

At Clubnomnomnom.com we pride ourselves on helping people have fun in the kitchen and with a drink in their hand. We are a small team of individuals that love eating, drinking and cooking (in moderation of course).

The items on our site have been hand picked to enhance your culinary experiences. We spend lots of time creating gift guides, reviews and blogs that will make life more fun, easier and tastier.

When browsing our site, you will find useful information, recipes, quirky, clever and ridiculous items for foodies and drinkers.



We review anything we can in person. Anything else is deeply researched, taking in to account user experiences and comparisons of similar items.

Clubnomnomnom is an affiliate marketing website. We are not paid my manufacturers to promote their products, but we do get a small commission if you buy through the links provided. Most of these links will take you though to the product on Amazon.

We hope you have fun, checking out our site and all the yummy goodness.