15 Gifts For People Who Like To Drink

Do you know someone who like to drink? Of course you do! Here is our list of gifts for people who like a drink. Beer, wine and spirits are all covered, therefore your boozy friend will be able to indulge in new and exiting ways.

1. Beer Hawk German Beer Case

The Beer Hawk German Beer Case is packed full of 15 beers. These are perfect gift for people who like to drink. You can expect a selection of lagers and wheat beers from some of the greatest and oldest brewers in the world.

2. The Ladybird Book of The Hangover

Be guided through one of the hardest times of your life (the morning after) with the Ladybird Book of The Hangover. The large clear text, careful choice of words, frequent repetition and helpful pictures all enable grown-ups to think they have taught themselves to cope.

3. Hijos de Villa Reposado Pistol Gun 20cl & Shot Glass Miniature Gift Set

Tequila in a gun shaped bottle!? This classy vessel of Mexican nectar comes with two shot glasses. Therefore, it a perfect gift for a couple.

4. Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Give your tequila shots an gourmet twist by serving them in these Himalayan salt shot glasses. Carved from high quality Himalayan pink salt, they have a pleasant salty taste and a gorgeous rose quartz appearance.

5. Smart Cocktail Maker

Make sure your cocktails are perfect every time with this smart cocktail maker. Download the free app, select a drink and follow the instructions on your phone. This makes cocktail making super easy and keeps them consistent.

6. Wine Condoms

If you don’t manage to finish your bottle of wine before you go out on the town, slip one of these over the top and roll it down. These wine condoms will keep your wine fresh until you are ready for another go.

7. Crocodile Drinking Game

OK Strictly speaking, this is a kid’s game. However, we have had many boozy mornings at Clubnomnomnom HQ playing with this. Take it in turns to press down one of the croc’s teeth. If the jaws snap shut, you have to take a shot. 

8. Colour Changing Gin

This kit has everything you need to make five bottles of magical colour changing gin. This is a perfect gift for the gin drinker in your life.

9. 500,000 Scovilles Chilli Vodka

Do you know someone who likes a little kick with their booze? Maybe you should point them in the direction of this bad boy. The “Hot Enough” Naga Chilli Vodka will be sure to bring some colour to their cheeks. The first sip lulls you in to a false sense of security, with its smooth taste. But, give it a few seconds before feeling the burn!

10. Pirate's Grog Rum

This smooth 5 year rum is aged in an American oak barrel for the best flavour. It comes in a wooden chest featuring a unique world map design, the book ‘ And a bottle of Rum’ by Wayne Curtis and a wax sealed scroll with a Pirate’s verse on parchment paper. A perfect drink to celebrate digging up buried treasure.

11.Bierstick Beer Bong Syringe

Probably the fastest beer delivery system in the world. This injects just over a pint of beer down your throat rapidly. This is the type of thing you use to catch up with when you arrive late to the party.

12. Prosecco Pong

Add a bit of class to your drinking games with Prosecco Pong. This is a great warm up game for a hen party or Sunday afternoon barbecue.

13. Hangover Survival Kit

This little bag has everything you need for the morning after. Draw the curtains and watch day time TV while the contents of this bag slowly gets to work. Just remember to get some food in the day before, you don’t want to have to take a trip to the super market in that state.

14. Solid Tipple Tower

A boozy twist on a classic game. Attempt to pull out the bricks and build the tower. If the tower falls take a shot form one of the four included shot glasses.

15. Sun Screen Hip Flask

This genius idea, is perfect for festival goers. These bottles of sunscreen are actually hip flasks. Smuggle your favourite tipple past security to enjoy while watching your favourite band. 

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