10 Gifts For Pizza Lovers

Pizza is considered the best food in the world for some. Thick crust, thin crust, stuffed crust, pepperoni or hot and spicy, you can have it anyway you want it (hold the pineapple!). Here is our  list of the best giftds for pizza lovers.

1. Pizza Holder

Picture the scene, you have one slice of pizza left, but the taxi has arrived to take you for a night on the town. You don’t want to leave it behind, but you don’t want to scoff it down in one go. Here is the answer! Put your remaining slice in this pizza holder and pop it round your neck. With this invention, your pizza will be close at hand for when you need it the most.

2. Love-KANKEI Pizza Cutter

This ergonomic pizza cutter looks great, but it also very effective. Its shape fits perfectly in to your hand and it is super sharp, allowing you to cut all the way through your pizza. It is more effective than a traditional pizza cutter preventing a cheesy mess.

3. Demanding Pizza Socks

With your feet up while wearing these, there will be no doubt about your intentions for the evening. Your feet will be nice and warm while you are waiting for your delivery.

4. Space Cat Pizza Apron

What is not to love about cats riding pizzas in space? This item will add a touch of class to any cat lover’s kitchen.

4. Pizza Scissors

These pizza scissors make it super easy to serve up the perfect slices. As you cut your slice, a separate blade slides underneath it, effortlessly scooping it up.

5. Grow Your Own Pizza Ingredients

With this little kit, you can grow your own ingredients to for your own pizza. This is ideal for anyone that likes to grow stuff and cook.

6. Ooni Koda Pizza Oven

The Ooni Koda Pizza oven is a great invention. It is ideal for cooking pizza in the great outdoors and an alternative to a barbecue.

7. Calzone Press

This calzone press makes it super easy to make your favourite stuffed pizza. Simply lay your dough over the press, add your ingredients and fold over the press!

8. Franco Manca, Artisan Pizza

Franco Manca makes the best pizzas in Britain and is critically acclaimed. This book is aimed at the home cook who doesn’t have a traditional woodburning oven. The  recipes have been tailored so you can use a pizza stone or a heavy baking tray and still get great results.

9.Pizza Stone for the Oven

Make sure you never have a a soggy bottom again. This cordierite pizza stone gives your homemade pizza the perfect base it deserves. This oven pizza stone absorbs the moisture from the dough and cooks the base evenly. The result is a crispy, crusty, pizza that’s BETTER than your local pizzeria

10.Electric Tabletop Pizza Maker

Making mini pizzas has never been so sociable. Build your own little pizzas to your own tastes and cook them with friends for an evening with a difference.

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